About Health & Wellbeing

We know that sometimes life can be hard and things can go wrong that you may find difficult to cope with. National research has proved that there are 5 ways to help you feel happier in yourself – a bit like 5 a day for your mind.

We'd like the Year of Health and Wellbeing to be a fantastic kick start to a full decade of activity, so throughout the year, we'll be promoting and celebrating the '5 ways to wellbeing' across Lancashire.

We want to see the principles of health and wellbeing embraced by everyone. Out in the community, of course – with people taking up new hobbies, launching themselves into exercise plans, and giving their time as volunteers. But also at a strategic level – getting big businesses on board, acknowledging the importance of health and wellbeing and working to make sure it's considered in transport, health care and employment planning.


The 5 ways to wellbeing

You can improve your mood by doing some or all of the following 5 ways to feeling great. Try it – it will make a difference!


Connect with others - at home, at work, in your community. Friendships and relationships are important for keeping up your spirits. Why not make someone's day by doing a good deed in your neighbourhood? Helping someone else improves how you feel too – even better than rewarding or treating yourself.


Be active an active lifestyle not only keeps our bodies healthy, but makes us feel good as well. We’d like to see a huge range of activities on offer, from kayaking to climbing, cycling to swimming, and everything in between. There is something for everyone in Lancashire, whatever their fitness level.


Take notice it's easy to rush through our busy lives without pausing for thought. A key feature of our year will be to help people notice how special our environment is, at all levels, through celebrating culture, highlighting our history and arranging nature walks in our beautiful parks and countryside.


Keep learning trying something new can help keep our minds and our lives active. Lancashire folk will have the chance to have a go at something completely different, be it signing up for a reading group, joining a drama class, taking part in a workshop, or getting creative with arts and crafts.


Give giving to others makes us feel better. By giving time, expertise and energy, the people of Lancashire can help organise events, and can make them successful by turning up and joining in. Find out about volunteering opportunities.



Join a gym
I am really looking forward to joining my local gym and to getting fit and meeting new people...

Run 10 kilometers in under 50 minutes
Get fit again and run a 10k in under 50 minutes, like I could 4 years ago...

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skydive from 4,000 feet..

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I feel so much better now I'm more active, all I needed was a little help to start me off.